Saturday, November 1, 2008

Quick Update

.011108. Nokia Nuffnang Silent Halloween @ Borneo Baruk Club

Just got home not long from Nokia Nuffnang Silent Halloween Party and I'm pretty sure everyone had a FUNtastic night there especially for those who won the nokia handphones!! LOL =D Had to rush home pretty early right after the party though coz will be leaving for a fishing trip with my dad tomorrow morning down south somewhere in Johor.

Am still very sick with the added headache to my list of sickness... =( Had been having severe headaches for the past 3 nights that led to throw ups. Well, had to really take good care and pray hard though =( Hopefully there's ain't any serious illness.

Will be back in 4 days 3 nights time =D Till then, wishing you guys a great start to a sweet November!! =D *cheeerriozz*