Wednesday, June 11, 2014

drewnity v3

Hey there!!

Here's my latest and hopefully the final blog site:


Monday, March 23, 2009

Drewnity Revamp!!

.230309. Blog Revamp - "The Old Has Gone, The New Has Come!!"

*bye bye to*

After much busyness with the revamp and other stuffs, I have not been updating since but it's all back now!! =D

A brand new theme with a brand new look!! =D I'm proud to announce that is now self hosted thanks to Ken from!! will no longer be updated and everything will now be shifted to

For those who might be wondering, previously I only bought the domain and was still using blogspot to host but it's entirely shifted and hosted by itself now! Hooray!! The old has gone and the new has come!! =D

*hello to "again"*

Thursday, March 19, 2009

MDG 1st Runway: Preview

.160309. Malaysian Dreamgirl 1st Public Runway @ Mist Club Bangsar

Malaysia's first online reality model search show has gone down to top 12 in Season 2 and it was the girls' first public appearance on a runway in Mist Club Bangsar. I was privileged enough be part of the show, having first hand as well as behind the scene previews.

*venue for the first public appearance of MDG Season 2*

*set up and getting ready for the big show!!*

On Monday, the girls knew that they have to give their best shot on the runway because it was just hours away before the SMS voting will be closed. Elimination was the following day (you all should know the result by now though). If you have not watched them, you can view the videos @ or follow the blog updates @

*the girls chilling around, getting ready for the big stage*

*Pinky strutting her stuff in a LimKokWing's designed dress*

This is just a preview of my upcoming updates for Malaysian Dreamgirl. More photos and updates soon. =)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nuffnang's Bloggers Nite Out with DIGI

.140309. Nuffnang's Bloggers Nite Out with DIGI @ Friendster Cafe, Damansara Perdana

*DIGI, Always the smarter choice!! Expect something special*

It was a night of fun gathering, delicious food, fantastic prizes and photos taken for cherishable memories and on top of that, you can always expect something special with Digi around. It was also a night of enlightenment when we were the first batch to be introduced to brand new function offered by Digi Telecommunication.

*Digi + Microsoft offering a new service for digi subscribers!!*

*was asked to take the first step!! LOL =D*

Digi Telecommunication Sdn Bhd together with Microsoft have started offering Windows Live Messenger via handphone to Digi subscribers starting yesterday for a 2 month trial. Digi subscribers is now made possible to chat with their friends and family via handphone apart from their desktop PC, Smartphones or PDA. I thought it was a brilliant service offered by Digi for people like me who always chat online and the compatible mobile phones for now are also not of the high end models which made it even more practical for most users.

Anyway, coming back to the party, as most bloggers gathering would be, we had great food @ Friendster Cafe of course. Spotlight was on Nigel when he wrote his "hungry" status at the big MSN "status board". The MC, Jonathan, who was quick to notice it, made fun of him almost the entire session. LOL =D

*january's featured blogger!! hungry for food and prizes!! LOL*

*a very entertaining MC full of enthusiasm and energy!!*

Food was served and we had a free flow of beer. Digi was indeed very generous in providing us with the food and beverage. They must have known that bloggers are really into it.

*david, the royalshortness showing his facial expression at the buffet counter*

Soon after, we were introduced to the new MSN service offered by Digi and was guided step by step on how to operate it. There was also a funny video that help to promote the new service.

*a pretty clear and brief introduction of digi's new service!!*

Then, came to the part where not only bloggers would be excited of, but anyone else would do. Freebies with games and lucky draws!! There were plenty of goodies to give away and that includes, headsets, pendrives, webcams, oakley and rayban glasses as well as coca-cola caps!! Wow!! I was impressed!!

*this would be quite the normal scene you would see when malaysians were asked of that question*

*huaibin of sixthseal overturned MC's energy to win himself a prize too!*

*angel vs devil, guy as the angel and girl as the devil!! topic: can a guy and girl be best friends after breaking up?*

Anyway, Jonathan had some really easy QnA to give out the prizes and next was a debate session between our Nuffnang's March's featured blogger Yat and Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 1 winner Cindy. It wasn't a battle of the sexes though but one supposed to be the angel who agrees with anything and the devil who are supposed to object with everything!! We also had this MSN emoticon impersonate and finally wrapped up with the final lucky draw.

digi1k copy

*lucky bloggers with Cilia giving out the prizes!!*

*start trying out MSN on your phone now!!*

If you have not already know the steps to activate MSN on your phone or if you are wondering which phone is and is not compatible, the guide below will help you with your doubts.

*full guide to activate MSN on your phone!! 2 months free trial!!*

That's all the updates from Nuffnang's Bloggers Nite Out with Digi @ Friendster Cafe. More photos will be posted up soon. Well, the only thing that's left undone is there's still 3 more PSP to be given away by Digi to 3 lucky bloggers!!

*3 psp for 3 lucky bloggers*

*finger crossed* =D

Monday, March 16, 2009

Laptop Reformated!!

.160309. Laptop Reformated

Thanks to Ken, I've finally once and for all settled my laptop for good!! Reformated the whole system and everything is back to day 1. Well, I thought it would be a good clean up for my desktop though but I think, things are getting back to square one already.

Anyway, Bloggers' Nite Out with Digi @ Friendster Cafe + Malaysian Dreamgirl First Public Runway Appearance @ Mist Club will be up as soon as I get my hands on my photoshop. Nuffnang Music Bash 09 is here and another exciting and funtastic party to look forward to amidst all the stress (if you have any).

That's all for now. Am trying to settle down and update all my lost softwares and programs. Lots of installations and updatings to do at the moment. Photos coming up real soon.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fantastic Food!

.140309. Thanksgiving Lunch @ Jaya Palace, Wisma LYL PJ

After 4 days without my precious laptop, I'm almost lost with whatever I have been doing. Seriously, I can't really remember what I have to blog about. Well, I just got home from Nuffnang's Bloggers' Nite Out with Digi and I shall reveal the happenings there tomorrow (hopefully).

Man Utd just lost 1-4 to Liverpool and I'm a little disappointed with their performance though. Pitty my friend Joshua who won himself an all expenses paid trip to Man Utd only to see his favourite team being trashed!! But, I don't mind going though, even to see them lose.. LOL

Anyway, forget about my happenings in the past weeks. I shall update about this afternoon's lunch. It was a thanksgiving lunch invited by my church member for having performed on their wedding day. It was just a show of their appreciation for those who have helped them and blessed their wedding ceremony.

*pretty modern-chinese concept*

*we had a private function room booked for ourselves... karaoke available*

When I first googled this restaurant called Jaya Palace, I was quite surprised to see many, have already blogged about this place. Apparently, the review is quite good and I was having some doubts until I tasted the food there myself this afternoon. I thought that the food was really good!! The modern-chinese concept restaurant did impressed me not only with their delicious menu, but also the interior design and as a package of the entire restaurant.

Owh well, here's what we have (before I rushed off halfway for singing practise)...

*it was good!! honestly!! very delicious!!*

jayapalace1d copy
*i don't need to say more do i?? just continue drooling on them!!*

*this was my favourite today!! best!!*

That's all for now. Looking forward to tomorrow's worship practise in church. Easter celebration is coming and this year, we'll be having a BLAST in church!! If any of you are free, come join me in SIBKL =D

Thursday, March 12, 2009


.120309. Quick Updates (while my laptop is still in ER)

While my laptop is still being examined in the ICU, here's a quick update of what has happened, is happening and going to happen. I believe this week, and next, is going to be pretty busy. Lots of things coming up until I'm lost with my own schedule.

Past 2 days - Was in Ken's office recovering my laptop data and thank God, everything is still there while I need to back them up in my external HDD. Nuffnang's Dragonball Evolution movie premiere @ One Utama GSC.

Today - Nothing much I can do without my laptop now. Going for futsal and nasi lemak with Tock and Yatz as planned tonight.

Just received invitation from Nuffnang for Bloggers' Nite Out with Digi this Saturday @ Friendster Cafe, Damansara Perdana. Will you be there? =)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Kena Virus

.090309. First Time Kena Virus

Gosh..... Can anyone like slap me on my face so that I can wake up from this horrifying experience??

I just got home from One Utama after meeting up with Beverly, CheeWei, Sandra, Grace and Yvonne. We had lunch at this quite-a-new cafe called Garden. Quite similiar setting with Full House, which I have yet to visit though. Had a great lunch and the price was fairly reasonable for the quality of food you get. (photos coming up soon coz I'm damn sad now)

My usual routine when I come home and into my room was switching on my laptop and keying in my password of course. When it finished loading, I was wondering why my desktop items has reduced by almost 80%, leaving only the basic icons there. I thought to myself, must be something wrong with the system and I decided to shut it down and restarted it.


Moments later, I come back to my laptop and once again I found my desktop with the same amount of icons but this time, all well arranged and aligned to the left of the screen. I knew something was wrong already.

desktop copy
*moral behind this, backup every single file whether it is important or not. You'll never know when is it coming your way*

I called a good friend of mine, Ken, who's very good in all this technical stuffs and I asked him "Hey bro, I on my laptop and found out that all my files in the desktop gone already. Why ah?"

Straight away he responded, "Owh!! Kena virus d!!" I was like "GOSH!! WT?? Then how?? Why like that one? Can recover anot wan?"

Fortunately he said can, but you have to find a person with really good technical skills (that's him). LOL =D *finger crossed* Let's hope he can really do something about it tomorrow and help me recover all the files. It's not the photos that I'm worried for but there are some important documents that I have in desktop which I did not back it up (yet).

The best part was, my friend, Diese, was just talking to me over msn last night about backing up your files in HDD and little did I know that this was coming in the way.

*time to pray a little harder*

Sunday, March 8, 2009

MDG Top 12 Makeover

.040309. Malaysian Dreamgirl Top 12 Finalist Makeover @ Shawn Cutler

If you have been catching up with the malaysian dreamgirl blog lately, you should have already known the top 12 by now. Anyway, on wednesday, I covered the makeover session in Shawn Cutler, Bangsar, the official hair salon for MDG Season 2.

Lots have been said... Let's see what you have to say =D Here's the link to my updated post!!

Here's a sneak peek...

mdgmakeover copy
*wash, blow, cut, dye, set*

Have to put my chinese new year post on hold again... LOL

Friday, March 6, 2009

Fun Gathering

.310109. Chinese New Year Day 5 @ Os Residence

Finally, I'm coming back to my chinese new year post. LOL. Just a few more to go. But before that, I had a bad football game just now. It was a inter-neighbourhood football match in Desa Parkcity and our team lost, missing the opportunity to enter the semi finals. Owh well, we played well though. Perhaps a little unlucky.

On the 5th day of CNY, a few of my cell members gathering at Os place for a simple makan + wine + monopoly. It was pretty fun and it's my 2nd time playing with them. I learned my lesson in the first game though. At the start, I was kind of monopolizing the game only to be swept away by Juni at the end of the game thanks to a cunning guidance from Os who was well bankrupt by then. Anyway, we had great fun that night.

Here's some photos...

*os has lotsa set of mini tea sets!!*

*it goes fantastically well with the sabah chilli!! PEDAS best!!*

*here comes the monopoly session (US edition)*

*as usual, i chose the MCD fries hoping to be as successful.. LOL*

*healthy gathering during chinese new year!! =D*

Next up... Let me unpack my photo folders and see what he have in the remaining days of my chinese new year... LOL

My Malaysian Dreamgirl updates are done too!! Will be published in the Malaysian Dreamgirl blog real soon!!