Sunday, October 12, 2008

Purple Lotus

.111008. Photoshoot @ Orchid Garden

It has been quite sometime since I last went for some outdoor shooting and this time round, there were 2 outings going on. Alice ajak'ed me to go Taman Orkid at Lake Garden while WaiSeng ajak'ed me to Putrajaya. Anyway, since I won't be free in the evening, I decided only to join Alice and Ray for some colourful shootings before meeting up with Denise @ One Utama for lunch and chit chat.

Reached Taman Orkid at about 10.15am and decided to have breakfast at Hornbill Restaurant & Cafe while waiting for Alice and Ray to come. Had a brilliant Nasi Lemak there with yummilicious curry chicken.

Here are some photos taken yesterday...


*super sedap punyer nasi lemak!! =D enjoyed the curry though*


*took this while waiting for food to come.. LOL*


*love the colours very much*


*yellow for my name and my tshirt that day*


*vibrant green under the sun!! nice lotus leaves*


*kesian la when i saw this orchid...*


*one of my favourite shot of the day!! notice the bee there.. =p*

More photos to be uploaded, maybe later la... =D