Saturday, November 8, 2008

Char Siew

.081108. Bloggers Lunch @ Paramount Char Siew Fan

Just got home from GoMobile's movie screening of Quantum of Solace, as invited by Joshua. Met the usual blogging friends there and of course was happy to meet up with Jenn and Rames after so long... LOL

Anyways, yesterday, a few of us went for a lunch gathering organised by Wai Seng who graciously drew us a map that left pOp walked about 1km before he found the char siew shop @ paramount.. Hahaha.. We had a good time though laughing at Karena's trademark "laughing noise" =p

Here's photo of our outing yesterday...


*the "famous" char siew/bbq roast pork of paramount*


*lack of attention's roast chicken*


*somewhere in PJ k??*


*in dia organiser that drew us the map... LOL*


*2 new friends made though!! herro*


*long time no see punya grace and my same family tree punya sis*


*unlucky gideon has to suffer next to our laughing machine*


*haha.. this is the kesian punyer pOp that had to sweat his way to find the shop*


*the late comers that told me dun be late, how ironic*

It was quite a simple gathering though and we parted ways soon after the lunch.