Monday, November 24, 2008

Random Lights Art

.221108. Photoshoot @ Putrajaya

Just 2 days ago on Saturday, the same day I went to Lake Garden for photoshoot, I went to Putrajaya at night for a short photoshoot with few other photofreaks... Well, basically, we just wanted to come out and cruise around to chill abit.

I'm not sure how many of us have been to Putrajaya but many friends I know of has not been there before though. Nothing spectacular there just that most government buildings and ministry offices are there and they are brightly litted up at night. The bridges there are also the hang out place for residents there. However, police will sometimes chase you away for the sake of our own safety during the night hours.

Will be going for a fishing trip again on tomorrow and this time is to Pulau Angsa, whever is that for 3 days 2 nights. Dad promised me a fantastic scenery though which I hope he won't disappoint me... LOL =D

For now, here are some photos...


*both left and right are basically those ministry offices*


*directly in front is the Prime Minister's office*


*red tail light vs white street lights*


*this is a street lights art by me*


*this is ony one of the many bridges in putrajaya +D*


*we were there!! sandra's first visit though to putrajaya*

Continuation from SOULed OUT's food sampling review last Monday, I'll be going for another food review tonight at Work In Progress Restaurant (WIP) in Bangsar Shopping Complex tonight!! Looking forward to it... =)