Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Work In Progress

.241108. Food Review @ Work In Progress, Bangsar Shopping Complex

Hey peeps! Just when everyone is thinking that I'm already in the middle of the sea fishing, I'm NOT!! *sobsss...* Was down with a very severe gastric pain since last night till morning when my dad tried to wake me up for our planned fishing trip... "Sorry dad, but I'm in serious pain!!" And so, my dad has to leave without me this round!!

Thanks everyone for your well wishes and prayers though!! Am feeling better and on a week's medication...

Ok!! Back to business!! Just yesterday, before I got into serious pain, I was in Cafe WIP with a few food freak bloggers for a food sampling session!! Thanks Jolene and Eugene for hosting us and Rahayu for coordinating and Sidney for inviting again!! The rest who were there are May from foodylicious, Ken for foodpoi, Chong from c-onn, Sue from suemeifyoucan, Kelvin the wetwetwater, Joshua from joshuaongs, and Jason from jasonmumbles.

Well, I would say the setting and ambience of WIP is rather cozy and abit dim. The songs played yesterday was rather soothing I would say coz I love oldies. The food they served last night was pretty descent... I personally love the Salmon Steak which was the best dish yesterday!! Highly recommended though. As for the cocktails and detox drinks, it would really be up to different individual on their likings whether it's grassy taste or fruity taste.

Well, if you are looking for a place to celebrate a special occasion with a cool ambience good food with reasonable price, here's the place!!

Here's what we had last night....


*have a memorable dine in WIP @ Bangsar Shopping Complex*


*the spinach sauce goes super well with the fried vege*


*ermm... this one ok ok lerr... not too bad*


*if you are prawn lover!! u'll like this!!! together with the salad*


*this one BEST!!!!! Super delicious*


*wip offers a wide range of food including middle eastern style*


*thai green curry!! normal, not very spicy though*


*like petai?? it goes well with nasi goreng though*


*an additional order from jasonmumbles!! very nice!! good choice!*


*this one same with SOULed OUT... sister company ma!! so its nice!!*


That's all from the main dish though!! Will show you the cocktails and desserts tomorrow as well as who was there last night soon...


G111 Ground Floor Bangsar Shopping Centre,
285 Jalan Maarof Bukit Bandaraya,
59100 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours:

12 noon till closing

Just one more thing before I forget... Happy Birthday to Sidney!!