Friday, December 12, 2008

Cafe Cartel Pork Ribs

.071208. Singapore Trip Update #1 @ Cafe Cartel + Citylink Mall

Last Sunday, I was away to Singapore with my grandma to visit my sister. We went by bus and I got to tell you that First Coach was really comfortable yet reasonable. My journey down south was pretty cool that morning. Reached Singapore at about 1pm + and took a cab to my sis home in Tampines.

My trip finally began with my "without-fail-meal" at Cafe Cartel; the cafe that serves one of the best ribs there!! Yummy!! However, I felt that the sauce was a little too sweet this time round! Anyways, still, I enjoyed a scrumptuous lunch with my granny and sis. Later, we stopped at City Hall to take a hippo tour (hop on tour bus that brings you around the city). Just before that, my sis treated me around of ice cream in this new Japanese concept outlet which name is called "Marvelous Icecream". Not too bad!! I only like the concept cause it's special, where they mix the icecream + other stuffs in front of you! Hehe..

Here's the thing...


*everytime i come singapore, this is the must-go-restaurant*


*eat all you want bread!! haha... i love em with olive oil + vinegar*


*fish n chicken combo served with spagetthi as well!!*


*super yummy ribs but this time, abit to sweet*


*this is the standard setting for all the outlets across Singapore*


*japanese concept ice cream house*


*there are mashmellows inside!!*


It has been a tiring day for me. Had photoshoot this morning from 9am-2pm and will be having another one tomorrow the same time. Therefore, it's time to sleep... Will catch up with you guys real soon.... =D

Btw, tomorrow will be the first audition date for Malaysian Dreamgirl in Penang's Bayview Hotel from 10.00am - 5.00pm. Will you be the one to win home a Chevrolet and a HP laptop?? Be sure to join this online reality model search if you think you are born for it! =D

Till then, cheerioz and good night!!