Monday, December 15, 2008


.121208. Photoshoot @ Praise Sanctuary, Christmas VBS

Let's take a break from my Singapore trip update and shift to my photoshoot last weekend. Only 2 post and I'll continue back with my Singapore updates... +D

Do you still remember, when you are still young and innocent, what are the activities or camps that you have went or attended to? I can only remember of few though, but I think I went more than that. Haha..

Last Friday and Saturday, I was helping out in Praise Sanctuary's Christmas Vacation Bible School as their photographer. Looking at children from as young as 3 years old brings back the fond memories when I was still a kid, living innocently and without any worries or stress. Seeing them having fun made me feel so at peace and I enjoyed every bit playing with them, forgetting my purpose to shoot photo then.. LOL

Here are the cute lil kids and some of the activities...


*kids attended are from 3 years old - 15 years old*


*beautiful self-made candle with flame*


*kids nowadays do know how to pose ya?*


*so cute and innocent la... hehe*


*hahaha.... she colouring half way aso can turn to me and smile*


*all of em are so focused when it comes to story telling*


*did you like colouring when you were young??*


*this one's nice!! hahaha.. the boy aso very cute*


*card finding games and many more!! cool prizes too*


*foood!!!! hungry....*


*they just love dancing.. seriously.. all potential dancers*


*both of them became my good friend during the VBS*

On Saturday, we went to Permaisuri Lake Garden for another round of fun telematches and fun!! More photos soon...