Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lunch @ Delicious

.170109. Lunch @ Delicious, Mid Valley

Just got home not long from a yum cha session @ IndoMee SS2 with the rest after the first Nuffnang Movie Screening of the year premiering Underworld - Rise of the Lycans @ Cineleisure. Well, the movie ok la.. not too bad... 6.5/10.

Anyways, last Saturday, I met up with Alice and Denise in Mid Valley for lunch @ Delicious. The only thing I like to eat there is their pasta. Ironically, I ordered fish n chips while both of them ate pasta. LOL =D

Just after I finished my meal I heard chinese drums banging. *sign of lion dance* I'm quite a lion dance freak though. Whenever I hear the drums, I'll start hunting for them. I still remember when I was younger, I used to cycle around my taman to find the lion dance performance when I heard the drums from my house. LOL =D

Anyway, here's what we had that day...


*alice's order... some spicy type spaghetti*


*my favourite... carbonara!! but i like it with fetuccini*


*back to classics... fish n chips*


*chinese new year is just around the corner!!*

Chinese New Year is less than 1 week away!! Yippie!! Are you ready to party??????