Friday, January 23, 2009

Monopoly US Edition

.230109. Goshen Unofficial @ Os Residence

Just got home from mini cell gathering. A pretty cozy 5 person of dinner & monopoly. Thanks Osbert for the pretty dinner and Michael for the wine.

Played a new version of a very classic game which is monopoly "US Edition". It was pretty cool as I have not been playing this game for like dunno how many years!! LOL =D Anyway, just realised that those days when we were younger, all the rules and game plans are pretty much invalid. In addition to that, this is a more serious business-game!! A little practical in life if we have that amount of money in life though!! LOL (Each of us started with US$15million.

*here's the board game... i was using McD fries and aeroplane was the eventual winner*

Anyways, am still a little sicky with mild flu but a bad throat. Hope to get well soon...