Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tribute To My Camera

.150109. Nikon D300 - Welcome Home

The old has gone (but not forgotten), the new has come. It's almost unbelievable and it was a split second dream for me when firstI got my hands on my new Nikon D300 just hours ago. Finally, that dream of mine came true and went home with me was my highly anticipated camera that I bought from YL Camera shop in Pudu Plaza.

My old nikon d40 has been serving me superbly well for the past 10 months when I first picked up photography back in March 08' and it's time to move a step higher. The desire to go further and the requirement of a better quality photo prompted me to get a new body and blessings from heaven came at the perfect timing. And I mean REAL perfect timing!! =D That's how I got my new D300.

Anyway, just a tribute to my old faithful d40 that has been with me for the past 10 months, I'll just post up abit of my photos that I've taken with it high and low and across the ocean!! =D


*lady bird shot at my popo's tombstone*


*first hp light shot at pavilion*


*mount kinabalu dawn shot on the way to low's peak*


*leaving labuan international airport*


*fishing with dad at kelong you, johor*


*friend's brother wedding @ overseas restaurant cake shot*


*nicholas teo shot at myfm concert @ genting*


*christmas deco lights taken in eurodeli*


*balloon + star + spotlight shot during great eastern dinner @ mandarin oriental*


*kl photoshoot with cincauhangus*


*3rd random lights art taken in barsonic @ zouk kl*


*tree misty shot @ permaisuri lake garden*


*the typo error waterlily shot taken @ lake garden's orchid farm*

Here's my new toy!! =D


*checking the goods @ yl camera*


*when my dream came true... =D*


*ignore my noob settings... hahah gimme time to get use to it*

Yeay!! That's all for now!! Coming up real soon will be the potrait shots of the malaysian dreamgirl's successful candidates!! =D Remember to check them out @