Monday, February 23, 2009

WIP Is Closed (for now)

.200209. Work In Progress @ Bangsar Shopping Complex

If have not already know, Work In Progress Cafe/Bar in BSC is a sister company of Souled Out in Hartamas and 7atenine in Ascott Hotel. Last Friday, I was invited to shoot for their closing down revamp party and many of their loyal regulars were also invited for a free flow of food and drinks. And of course, that night was really about free flow of beer and MACALLAN whiskey. The highlight of that "Rob the House" themed party was the auction of WIP's furniture and also the full of fond memories' JUKEBOX which eventually reached RM 16,000 of the final bid.

The co-owner of WIP Fred and Michelle promised a whole new exciting concept restaurant and bar that is yet to be named. Apparently, there would be a "naming" contest up on line soon. If you are a fan of WIP, SOULED OUT or even 7ATENINE, you wouldn't want to miss a chance to win a dining session in the brand new restaurant coming up after the revamp. Stay tuned for the details though.

WIP is tentatively closed from now and when it's reopened, I'll let you all know again... Till then, here are some photos that I took that night...

*cautions tape all over the place*

*get ready to leave this behind for a whole new concept*

*temporarily closed for revamp and reno*

*part of their wine storage*

*some of their regulars penning their messages all over the walls of WIP*

*even the glasses are written with wishes and thanks*

*beautiful sight even on a simple object*

*capturing the moments before it's long gone*

*the new lightings may not be the same again*

*this is a super random shot when i was walking past it*

*a gentlemen bought this jukebox for RM16k... amazing*

Am already looking forward to the new revamp of WIP. Perhaps it's called "Work Completed" when's it's finally ready.. LOL