Thursday, August 14, 2008

Action Reflection


Just came back from worship practise in church and had a beef burger for dinner (or you can call is supper though). Everyone was kinda like in Olympic mood in office today. We logged on to the live score for the badminton quarter finals between our Malaysia's hope, Chong Wei, against Indonesia's Sony. All y colleague was like so distracted by the increasing points on our Malaysian side. Big huge of relief when Chong Wei clinched the match point and we focused back 99% on our work. LOL..

Anyway, SmashpOp pimp has already ended and I would like to personally thank those who supported me in this mini campaign that got me a place in the top 3!! hehe.. Thanks people! You know who you are and for those who dunno, they are......

Thanks again people for joining me in this crazy campaign! LOL... ROFL...

Anyway, I bet some of you are still wondering where's my Hennessy update eh?? LOL... Here's another piece of my scattered collection.


*mr dj spinning it up*

Updates soon k?? Promise.. hehe.. Till then, let's continue to support Malaysia in the Beijing 2008 Olympic games!! =D Malaysia Boleh!! I'm banking on Chong Wei to bag our Malaysia's first Olympic Gold Medal. What do you think??