Friday, August 15, 2008

YA Zone Prayer Gathering

.150808. Prayer for the Nation @ SIBKL

Just came home from church after a young adult zone prayer gathering for the nation. It was indeed a powerful prayer night for us led by Pastor Lew Lee Choo especially during this prayer season for the country. I could sense the presence of God in the midst of us as we gather to began to seek God's heart and desire for the nation.

I'm glad that many turned up for this fruitful night that lasted about 2hours ++. Ps Lee Choo was kind enough to provide yummy supper for us as well and for those who fasted till then, good job! =D Goshen cell bought a cake for Osbert but unfortunately he couldn't make it due to some stuffs to do. Thanks Rueben and Jasmine for the yummy "sweet potato" cake!! WHAT??? SWEET POTATO??? (you might think) It was seriously YUMMY!!!! (Os, we'll get you another one next week k?)


*sweet potato cake for a sweet cell member!*

Yummy!! =D look not so attractive but wait till you seriously put into your mouth! I can guarantee you will ask for more!! =p (at least, that's what I did.. hehe)

Alright, what else I still have in my photostream.... Owh yes.. Sneak peak for my Crazy Shooter Online write up!! (CSO) I was invited to the myFM Concert @ Genting last week?? CIBnet is the main presenter and their promoting their recently launched CSO game!!


*here's my kawan denise in action!*

Okay la.. Time to tidor.. Nitezz.....