Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Yee Meng!

.110808. YeeMeng aka [endless]deceit birthday @ Planet Hollywood, Bukit Bintang

Happy birthday to one of my closest buddy, YeeMen!! Anyone wanna register Digi line can cari him (he's part of the yellow army)! LOL... It was a blue Monday night but not so blue for a bunch of friends who almost turn Planet Hollywood lower ground upside down with their limitless level of noise and laughter.


*happy birthday digiman aka doraemon*


*lovely couple kan?? hehe.. mrs yellowman*

More photos soon. Till then, hope you enjoyed the night and have a blessed day tomorrow (12th August is his actually birthday though)

Also, Happy Birthday to my kawan Steve Swa who's all the way in London!! Hope you are doing well there and bet you are missing all the fun here already!! haha.. Take care bro!! =D