Monday, August 11, 2008

MYFM 10th Anniversary

.100808. myFM 10th Anniversary Concert @ Genting Arena of Stars

Yesterday night was the birthday celebration for MYFM radio station. CIBNET was the proud Co-Host for the big event being MYFM's official presenter for that night with their special cosplay costume that sparked the excitement for that evening.

CIBnet launched their new shooting game recently. "Crazy Shooter Online" was the name and for all those who still remember what Counter Strike is, this is a cooler version of it and its specially design for online game freaks. (will continue a write up for cibnet soon)


*CIBNET as the official presenter for MYFM 10th Anniversary Concert*


*myfm 10th anniversary concert @ genting arena of stars*

Then it was the concert time! The night event started off, of course, with a red carpet affair featuring both local and international stars! *owh, before i forgot, thanks Denise for inviting me together with Lorna, KY and Alice as the media from the blogsphere that night.* Anyway, I will post up the photos soon featuring stars like Nicholas Teo, Yoga Lin, Smith (Thai) and many more. Stay tuned to that.