Saturday, August 9, 2008

Welcome to!!

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Short-Note: Let the games (Beijing Olympic) begin!!

Today is the official opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games 2008 and also supposedly the official launching of my new blog page. Anyway, just before getting on with my normal daily post, i'll just give a short introduction on how came about.

It all started with back in December 2007. 8 months have passed and my life through blogging has been pretty much changed into a new dimension. I've been blessed with many new friends, going for gathering parties, attending events for photoshoot, and share my own experiences in life through pictures and words. Most of all, I never thought I would have ever own my own "website" or better known as "blogsite".

How I came about this new domain name you would ask. The word drewnity is simply a combination of my name and another word. I was inspired somehow without any particular reason by the word trinity. Therefore, the word drewnity came by. I started to google the word and to my surprise, the line "0 result found" totally stunned me for a while then. At that point, I was certain that my domain was going to be "drewnity dot something". I finally gave up dotnet for dotcom.