Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wonderful Merdeka Message

.310808. Merdeka @ SIBKL + BBQ photos

Once again, Happy Independence day to all Malaysians out there!! =D It is our country's 51st anniversary today and what a day to fall on, SUNDAY! Weee....

The atmosphere in church was pretty awesome today as there were many people who dressed up in traditional costumes to celebrate Merdeka together with the Lord. On top of that, everyone in the congregation worshipped the Lord and flying our 'Jalur Gemilang' together!! What a memorable day to capped when the author of "Give Me 40 Days", Ps Freeda Bowers together with her 10 years personal assistant, Ms Linda gave us a very inspiring Word of God today!! Reminding us that the ultimate, utmost important that one can do is 'PRAYER'.

Well, cool day! Happy holidays to those who are enjoying a good sleep tomorrow, LOL...


*BBQ @ peishin's house with some old kawans*


*thanks to Kenny's special spontaneous recipe, we wollap the whole basket of mushrooms*
Had a BBQ session with some old school mates and good old friends at Pei Shin's house. In fact, we always gather in her house for parties. ROFL... At least once or twice a year!! haha..