Monday, September 1, 2008

We Appreciate You

.010908. Cell Appreciation Day @ Jason and MooiLi's Residence

Merdeka! Merdeka!! Merdeka!!! I guess this word is still ringing in our ears and head!! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!!


*all our love notes cut in various shapes*

Today was cell appreciation day a.k.a surprise celebration for Goshen's cell leaders, SaiKit and JinMay!! Thanks Jason and MooiLi for opening the house for this joyous occasion. It was a Pot Luck Style and amazingly we found many hidden talents behind our cell members. Apart from the usual must-have food; KFC, Canadian Pizza, and my TeoChew Chai Kueh, Chris came up with his Chicken Cheese Baked Rice, Yvonne with her special sauce pork ribs, Hannah with home-made salad, Eileen with her fine tiramisu and Michael with his homeland recipe Casserole!

Everyone began to gave a warm welcome and shouts of joy burst as the King and Queen arrived with their 3 prince. Without wasting anytime we gave thanks and wrestle ourselves with the yummy foods!!! Later we presented our personal message to our cell leaders before blessing them with our prayers and giving God all the glory, honour and praise!! =D


*Chris's special recipe that left us drooling for more cheeseeee*


*super duper yummy, delicious, juicy well roasted pork ribs with special sauce by MOMMY YVONNE*


*mike brought us his UK's speciality!! Taste so so so gooooddd!!*


*of coz this yummy salad was there to save us from our unbalanced meal!*


*rainbow colours that sparkled after a super heavy meal*


*quoted Oz saying "I've been searching for 40 years for this!!*

Then, the original plan came about, and we scrambled into our MAFIA session!! Great time of fellowship and last but not least we presented our cell leaders with our little gift and snapped a family photo for remembrance!! MAFIA continued and we had a really wonderful time together! Sai Kit thought "we should have this in cell more often!!" ROFL.. Hahaha...


*just a small token from all the Goshenites!! hope you like it!*


*i was wearing a orange t-shirt today, and thats why i came up with this!! LOL*


*a family photo of course for this memorable moment!!*