Friday, September 26, 2008

Fast Update

.260908. Quickie update

Had been a busy week though and too tired at night to even online and that's why had my blog posts lagging for a few days now. Anyway, just came home not long from UncleJosh's house for a small house makan-chit-chat gathering. Had yummilicious Dominos Pizza, Satay, and Uncle's special cocktail (alcoholic). There were about 11 of us there and some of the bloggers I know of are Wendy, Karena, Jane, Stephie, Ren, Mikel, Wilson, and......

Things I done this week...

Monday Night - Mama Mia Movie Screening (thanks JoshuaOng)
Tuesday - work work work...
Wednesday - work work work.... I remember I went somewhere at night but lupa where d... =p
Thursday - Company's first aid and CPR training @ Sri Damansara Club (very interesting post coming up)
Friday - PC FAIR III Balloting @ KL Convention Centre

Hoorayy!! Will be off to Malacca tomorrow morning @ 7.00am from SIBKL for a worship ministry team retreat!! Can't wait!! =D Am forcing myself to stay a little bit more to update this post! hehe...


*choose one card you like most!!*

Okay, here's the thing... Just an ULTRA RANDOM QUESTION.... Which card in a deck of 52 do you like most????