Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Family


Just came home from Nuffnang's "Mama Mia!" movie screening @ GSC One Utama. Well, I would say that it was quite ridiculous to watch that movie in the beginning though but since I love those Abba goody songs, I thought it was a good movie to release some tense and crack your head abit by laughing it all out sillily in the cinema with a bunch of blogging friends!! LOL!!

Thanks JoshuaOng for inviting me to the movie screening of course and I thought it was great to finally hang out with you guys again after busying with my workload!! Haha..

Here's the final uploads of another Joshua's birthday pix...


*joshie's cake kena invaded by planes*


*kids are just innocently curious with itchy hands. LOL*


*gifts comes from the heart and its the thought that counts*


*weeee...~ family picture is what i like most*


*thanks JoshuaOng for inviting me to the movie screening*

Up next will be Mama Mia movie screening!! And before that, we had a dinner gathering at Burger King buka puasa together!! LOL... If not mistaken, should be around 30 of us..