Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Lantern/Mooncake Festival

.140908. "Pain"ball @ TanaMera Paintball Park

It is mid-autumn festival today and my colleagues thought it was a good day to gather for a half-day of pallet-war at Sg Buloh's Tanamera paintball park! The punctual ones waited at office as early as 8.00am and the 'latest one' arrived at about 8.50am. We got there at about 9.25 and waited for about half an hour or so before we actually got our gears ready for game. There were about 10 regular players there and to our unplanned surprise, we mix and played together.

Anyway, it was kinda tiring as we had few different shooting terrains and we had to move up and down hill and crawl in the bushes. We face thorns, insects, and even snake (mosquito bites were unavoidable)!! What a new experience of paintball compared to those normal shooting ground with the normal balloon-like wall (whatever you call that yellow and blue thingy).

Game after game and we still have plenty of pallets left. When we finally got our pallet boxes emptied it was already 3.00pm. Oh gosh!! How time flies!! By then, all of us were already half dead. *literally* So we washed up and headed Sg Buloh for a round of yummy Bak Kut Teh!!

The next thing I know, I'm already on my bed sleeping soundly till about 9.15pm when my 'alarm' called me.. LOL.. That was how I celebrated my mid-autumn festival this year. (Of cos, I had a pre dinner with my family the night before though) hehe....


*putrajaya bridge that links to Putrajaya International Convention Centre*

This photo was taken together with Yintse few days ago. Thought this would be the best photo to put today since I dont have any lantern photos.. LOL Paintball photos also tara since all the photos was taken with my colleague's camera.

Anyway, hope everyone had a good time of celebration today in your own special way!! Till then, thank God is Monday tomorrow and that means BACK TO WORK!!!