Monday, September 29, 2008

Warm Doggy Welcome

.270908. Atone Worship Ministry Retreat @ EL Sanctuary Malacca Pt 2

After a yummy lunchie, we headed to EL Sanctuary, located somewhere in Alor Gajah, a place called Bukit Hantu. No Hantu though, of course. The moment we arrived, we had some problem as the bus couldn't pass through the entrance's gate due to a slanting tree branch. Hence, we gotta walk up the slope to our respective chalets.

It was indeed a lovely place for retreat which offers a serene environment and close to nature feeling. The freshness of the air made us feel just so comfortable and relaxed. As soon as we unload our stuffs into our rooms, we gathered for a bonding session at the well maintained chalet with Ps Lee Choo kick started the retreat officially!! Ohh... And of course, we were welcomed by a pack of cute doggies which also accompanied some of us back to our chalet everytime we walk back.. Haha.. So cute..

Anyway, here are some of the photos...


*there's a saying in chinese, makan full walk abit*


*beautiful place for such a gathering like us*


*very very very well maintained chapel, cleanliness to the max*


*we were greeted by a group of friendly doggies*


*dalmations which eventuall became my group's name*


*spotted mr green too!! LOL =D*


*tea time came and we all gathered at the canteen*


*girls power.. hehe*


*all of em so happy and excited*


*the baju on the table is our official retreat t shirt, show you later*


*semangat la this group!!... all give thumbs up!!*


*bonding session before we kick start the games*


*guess who's playing the guitar... LOL*

That's all for now... more updates laters...

There will be a Nuffnang "House Buny" Movie Screening tomorrow @ Cineleisure at 9.30pm. See you all there!! =D Thanks Robb for inviting me!! =)