Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mina's Farewell

.041008. Mina's Farewell @ Auntie Jin Iy's Residence

Just came back from Mina's farewell. It was a night to remember for Mina as the Atone Ministry and some of her closest sisters in church came together to Auntie Jin Iy's house and made her cry (Tears of joy and uncontrollable emotions of a heavy heart of course...) before she leaves back to Korea for good.

It has definitely been a wonderful 7 years for her in Malaysia as she settled down to work and seize the opportunity that she found here. She was truly blessed to be a blessing in SIBKL and now, I strongly believe that it is time for her to bless others back in her home land. And of course, the memories that she had here in SIBKL will be cherished forever. (Not that we're not going to see each other anymore though) When the time comes, we shall meet again, perhaps when AirAsia flies to Korea or something. LOL

Not gonna write anymore now though, time to sleep already. Tomorrow gotta wake up at 6+am for church duty. Here are some photos and more later...


*auntie jin iy's house definitely has one of the nicest garden =D*


*found this cutie at the basket containing forks and spoons on the table*


*a little something from ATONE done by Christine*


*one of the nicest nasi lemak i ever ate?*


*the colours of the fruits were just simply tempting*


*yummy piece of cake that expressed our love for MINA*


*ehehehe.. Mina so happy with her cake, fulled of love*


*just another random photo*

Who was there and what else happened next....