Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Heineken UCL "Be Prepared" Online Challenge

.211008. Heineken UEFA Challenge @ Breeze Cafe, Plaza TTDI

Courtesy of Nuffnang and thanks to Joshua, we were at the Heineken "Be Prepared" Online Challenge for Media/Celebrities @ Breeze Cafe & Lounge, Plaza TTDI. In conjuction with the 4 successful years of partnership between Heineken (GAB group) and UEFA Champions League, GAB organised a gaming challenge for the media people and a chance to catch the UEFA Champions League Finals at Krabi Island for 3 together with other winners around the globe.

Those who came from the Nuffnang side were Boss Stewie himself, KY (with 2 friends), Christopher, Joshua and myself. The rest are from other media like The Star, The Sun, Malay Mail, etc. Joey G was the host, referee and MC for the night. KY and friends were the eventual winners and they will be going to Krabi Island next year for an all expenses paid trip to watch the Champions League finals!! Congratz to KY and team!!

Here are some of the highlights!!


*boss stewie @ registeration counter*


*nice place to hang out though*


*free flow of heineken beer and finger foods*


*just some view of the cafe and lounge*


*nice chill out place huh?*


*be prepared game!! are you ready??*


*here's the leader of "nang united"*


*then i came along to play the 2nd game, mexican wave*


*christopher completed the challenge with beer slide*


*here's the 4 semi finalist*


*KY Speaks team in action*


*congratz KY and friends!! have fun in Krabi Island!! might see you guyz there!! haha*

That's all for now.. Next up will be a continuation from my Hong Kong trip!! *and im still feeling sick...* sobsss... =(