Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hong Kong Island, Central

.161008. Hong Kong Trip Pt 3 @ Hong Kong Island Central

Today is the day where I have been looking forward to for it was the night where I will be attending Passion Conference @ Queen Elizabeth Stadium. In the morning, we went to Jordan street where the famous Australian Dairies restaurant is located to try out their macaroni in soup with scramble egg and their teh ais with australian milk. Basically their special ingredients for scramble egg and teh ais is the australian milk. (photos in next update)

Next I'll show you the view from my aunt's apartment and also the place where I first started playing basketball before i further develop it in my high school. After Jordan street, we went to Central @ Hong Kong Island to walk around and search for the famous egg tart shop where Hong Kong star comedian, Stephen Chow Sing Chi, acted in the movie "Hang Wan Yat Tiu Loong". I forgot the name of the movie in English though. The movie also starred Sammi Cheng and Ng Man Tat.

We also walk past a very famous street named Lan Kwai Fong which is quite similiar to the Jalan Telawi or Jalan P Ramlee back at home. Next we also went to th former central police station where we get to see the on-going exhibition of Hong Kong and China's history. And of course, it was Halloween season, there were many decos across the streets and we also managed to see a couple having their wedding shoot at a very famous movie scene.

Here are some of the photos that I took though. More to come in the next update...


*quite a nice view from my aunt's place across he busy city*


*this is the land i first started picking up basketball back in 1997*


*music player is pretty common for those taking public transport*


*without a single doubt, hong kong's mtr is super efficient and convenient*


*here's hong kong central with the busy streets and massive humans!*


*they have lotsa roadsigns everywhere so no need to be afraid of getting lost*


*famous egg tart shop from chow sing chi's movie*


*you gotta try this someday!! is super soft and milky!! yummmmy!!*


*the abandoned police station now turned exhibition hall*


*quite a nice sight to have in front of the police station*


*we managed to find our jalur gemilang in hong kong!!*


*here's a very famous scene for movies and the photographer caught in action*


*was thinking of what to buy for nuffnang silent halloween coming Nov 1st*


*happy halloween decorations everywhere*


*more of central photos in the next update coz i left out a few.. too much*


*our next stop is Wan Chai*

Next up, I'll be bringing you guys to Passion World Tour Conference @ Queen Elizabeth Stadium, about 15 minutes walk fom Wan Chai Station.