Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic

.081008. Silent Halloween @ Borneo Baruk Club KL

Nuffnang has certainly gone through a long but successful road from their first ever Nuffnang Pyjama Party @ Borneo Baruk Club to Wild Live Blogging @ Modestos and now Halloween Party @ Borneo Baruk Club, the place where it all started!! I'm sure, without a doubt, it's going to be a FUNtastic night to remember!!


*are you ready for the first every SILENT HALLOWEEN?*

The last time, Nuffnang join ventured with Maxis Broadband but this time, it's going to be NOKIA and UNIVERSAL MUSIC!! I definitely can't imagine how is it going to be like, to dance in a party in silent mode?? LOL.. The first ever Silent Halloween in Malaysia is definitely driving me up to my wildest imagination. LOL =D I thought to myself XpressMusic would probably enhance the eerie atmosphere by playing scary tunes... LOL.. Maybe the classic organ tune would do the trick! Heheh..

Nuffnang's events have never been shy with their prizes!! This time round, with Nokia and Universal as the official sponsor and official music sponsor, you can already expect loads of good stuffs that's not to be missed!! Not going to tell you much about it!! (It's gonna be my first ever Halloween experience too!! minus those rumah hantu in schools k?)

Feeling excited and fun already?? Not just yet!! Check it out at NUFFNANG NOKIA SILENT HALLOWEEN!!!

Hope to make it through and see you guys there!! =D BOOOOOOOOO!!!