Friday, October 10, 2008

Randomz from Retreat

.280908. Atone Worship Retreat @ Malacca EL Sanctuary

To those who have yet to watch "Money not Enough 2", you must quickly grab hold of that DVD and watch okay??? It's super emotionally nice movie to watch, especially together with your family. At least, that's what I thought though =D

2 weeks ago, I went for my church's worship ministry retreat and here are some random photos apart from my last updates. LOL =p


*it's been quite a while since i last came back to this state*


*as i said, the food there is pretty delicious and we even had this for breakfast!*


*we had a time of worship led by Joanna on Sat and Chris on Sun*


*set up our own PA for the worship session*

*here's choir B team with their new name "Covenant 197"*


*how often do we take our nature for granted? =(*

Atone retreat is over and I'm really looking for to my next church's "Young Adult Camp" happening this month in Bukit Tinggi. Anyone wanna go?? LOL

But before that, I'll be going Hong Kong next week for Passion World Tour!! Weeee...~