Saturday, October 25, 2008

SIBKL Young Adult Camp

.251008. SIBKL Young Adult Camp @ Kajang Country Heights Villas


*SIBKL church Young Adult Camp @ Kajang Country Heights Villas*

Am excited about the on going camp that is happening just hours away and will be taking time off for another relaxing yet fruitful getaway at this beautiful "camp" site. I'm quite certain Ps Victor Wong has something inspiring instored for all the participants.

Just another thing before I end this post for my 3 days break, I would like to thank Nuffnang for opening opportunities for bloggers to have partnership with their clients in blog advertising. I was surprised upon receiving an email from Nuffnang marketing saying that an advertiser had chosen my blog to place their ads. Indeed I'm grateful to the company that chose my blog though. It's a campaign called Super Kacip Fatimah LR and is running in the month of November.


*indeed nuffnang is doing great and more exciting campaigns are coming up!*

Well, I just hope that it'll bring good to both the advertiser and to Nuffnang. Till then, there's all for now. Need to get a good rest before the 3 exciting days ahead of my schedule!! Nites peeps and God bless!