Friday, October 24, 2008

Passion World Tour Hong Kong

.161008. Hong Kong Trip Pt 5 @ Queen Elizabeth Stadium

Oh goshh... It's only Pt 5 (and still counting) and it's only day 2. zzzz... Anyway, Passion Conference is finally here and we're just few hours away!! My sister and I reached QES at about 3pm and the registeration counter was only starting to set up their booth. One of the girl said "Isn't it a little too early??" My sister replied, "Back in Malaysia, the que is already building up".

Well, maybe it was a weekday compared to Passion KL which fell on a Sunday. And so, my sister and I was definitely the first in line for the queue that day and from 3pm, we literally sat there and waited till 6pm before the que eventually started. I had my McD pork burger there which we bought earlier on. (My sis stole 2 bites of course =p)

Not long after I saw Chris Tomlin walking in and managed to just say hi! as he was busy chatting with the organiser. Then Louie and team came and my sister had a quick chat with him. Soon, we heard the sound check and it was pretty cool even from down there. We were like getting so excited already!! Haha..

As the que started, we were in front and made new friends with a group of worship team all the way from Manila, Phillipinnes. They were so cool and friendly. When the door was finally opened, we managed to grab the first row of seats and settled down before cameras starts flashing all over the hall!!

Here are some highlights before I tell you of the whole Passion Conference in my next update after I'm back from my church's Young Adult Camp @ Kajang Country Heights!!


*we reached here at bout 3pm after 15 minutes of walk from Wan Chai station*


*pretty interior design of QES*


*my lunch for that day that lasted me till 11pm*


*our online tickets from URBTIX*


*here's the Passion team's official photographer!!*


*a quick chat with Louie before they headed for a quick lunch*


*here's the list of 17 cities across 6 continents of Passion's move*


*6pm odd and it's already getting dark!! the que is already building up*


*the stage that unfold the wonderful testimony of a girl name Ashley*

I'll be off for my church camp @ Kajang Country Heights from 25th - 27th of October. Will be having a fantastic time listening to Pastor Victor Wong, speaker for the camp!! Till then, I'll share with you the wonderful testimony from Passion Conference when I get back from my camp!! tooodles!!