Friday, November 28, 2008

Daidomon Japanese BBQ

.281108. Food Review @ Daidomon, Great Eastern Mall

Gosh... Just only yesterday did I mentioned homecook dishes and today I was up for another food review @ Daidomon Japanese BBQ in Great Eastern Mall!! Believe me!! It was one of the best ever, and I really mean BEST EVER, bbq meats I've eaten. Perhaps, I have not explored or experienced others yet but it's "waghyu" beef and it's signature bbq sauce is simply amazing!!

Be sure for a whole new BBQ dine-in experience at Daidomon as I reveal it's specialty and food facts tomorrow!! Sorry cause I just came home from my church's cell meeting and tomorrow morning I have a wedding performance so time to sleep... I'll only be updating about it when I'm home probably late at night tomorrow after my photoshooting in Mandarin Oriental for a corporate dinner.


*food review reveals tomorrow*

Till then... cheerioz.. =D Blessed weekend ahead!! =)

Enjoy THIS!!


*random photo from my putrajaya photoshoot*