Thursday, November 27, 2008

Homecook Dinner

.261108. Eating Out @ Someone else's home =D

I know that most of us tend to go out to try new food and do reviews on different kind of food. In fact, we even travel far enough just to get a taste and try out some new restaurants or cafes. Hey!! Why not try our own cooking at home first?? LOL... You'll be surprised what ONE can do!! Of course, with a guide from recipe books, magazine cut-outs or even newspaper cuttings from The Star!! Who knows, you might end up being a great chef one day and open up your very own restaurant!? LOL...

Here's some tips!! Choose the dishes you wanto cook from any recipe cutouts or books, go and buy the ingredients and just follow the steps!! As simple as that!! Talk is cheap right?? Action speaks louder!! Go try it!! Of course, you will need 1 or 2 helpers by the side.. =D

Yesterday night, a bunch of us crashed into Sandra's residence for a food sampling session with our first time experience cook, Sandra!! I went early to shoot the behind-the-scene cooking while the rest came just on time for dinner!! LOL =) In fact, dinner was only ready by 9pm haha..

Here's the menu!!...


*i was amazed when she show me all the cutouts of recipes!!*


*very easy!! follow step by step! =D and what you get?*


*tada!!! yummilicious chicken in black soy sauce!! this is delicious!!*


*this one looked abit hard to cook though*


*amazing!! look at the final result!!! is almost the same!! haha =D, almost..*


*yau mou... vege also need recipe meh??? haha*


*vege is good for health!! neccessary to be included in a meal*


*fish has always been my favourite dish.. no matter where*


*a new star-chef has been born!! look at this!! its so brilliantly done!!*


*almost fainted when she show me this!! didnt know they teach steam egg also*


*nontheless, its still a very delicious dish!! great job*


*time to feast!! blackshirtguy: dun take photo d!! MAKAN LO!!*

Thanks Sandra for the super yummilicious dinner!! Even your parents has yet to taste your cooking yet!! LOL =D We are honoured... Should have this more often to test, even our own skill!! Who knows what we can do if we never try!! =)

Knew most of them through blogging and definitely, blogs had brought us all together into a new level of life... *cheerz!*