Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dream Further

.251008. SIBKL YA Camp @ Kajang Country Heights Villa

Last month, I was in Kajang Country Heights Villa for my church's young adult camp. God is good as always, weather was fine throughout!! =D The place was rather peaceful and what a good choice of venue to go for a get-a-way relaxation trip. I think we had about 160 participants spread into 10 groups which name themselves after local Malaysian food. My group was "rojak" and we came out with our team cheer after the song, "MAMA MIA".

Our team cheer goes like this ----> "Rojak Rojak, we are one again... Rojak, How can you resist us... We areeeee...... R O J A K!!!"

Anyway, here are some photos that I took when we got there, before starting our first game session...


*beautiful place to stay for a camp like this*


*wonderful greenery with peaceful surroundings*


*basic rule, you must know the camp dance!!*


*lunch time!! let's queue up!! simple yet delicious*


*this is only half of the group... 160 of us*


*eat so sikit enough or not o?? that's my plate btw... haha*


*it makes you wanna jump into it on a hot sunny day rite?*


*it's good to dream big and of reachable heights*

More photos and updates on the camp soon..