Friday, November 14, 2008

U Village

.111108. Dinner @ U Village

It's a continuation from Tuesday's Char Siew Fan outing @ Tung Shin though. After our red box session, Karena, Sandra, WaiSeng and I went to this Hong Kong Style restaurant just across Low Yat, LG1 of Sg Wang. Everytime I step into this restaurant, the only food i order is "Dry Fry Beef Ho Fun", which is simply the best!! Of course, they have bottomless YinYong tea and other drinks if you have a long day to chat.

Just a simple update before i proceed with the remaining camp updates and of course, my Hong Kong updates...


*dinner @ U Village, Hong Kong Style Restaurant at LG1 Sg Wang*


*recommended dry fry beef ho fun*


*this one must ask WaiSeng see nice anot.. LOL*


*drewnity vs thenumerouno*


*late comer!! and Sandra*

Yes... It's Char Siew rice again for the 6th time in 7 days!! And it's happening at 12 noon later with Gary, WaiSeng and Karena... Simply crazy and fever... Then, going to KLPAC to watch Footstool's play entitled "Crazy little thing called LOVE" =D woohoo!! At night, Sky Bar! =D