Saturday, November 22, 2008


.221108. Goshen Family Day Out @ Lake Garden's Dino Park

Just got home from a morning outing with my Goshen cell members to Lake Gardens. Met at Dino Park @ 9.30 am and we start having fun with swings, slides and other stuffs at the playground. It was a kid's wonderland in fact and we thought the kids would enjoy it =D Definitely a recommended place for a family outing!!

Thanks Michael for organising G2's first outing since multiplication night and we are looking forward for more to come!! Next up will be Christmas party and I believe it would be a super fun day!!

Here are some shots that I took just now at the park...


*thanks Oz for taking this beautiful shot for me*


*wonderful place for a family with kids outing*


*never knew there were such a huge playground there, this is only part of it*


*2 year old Joshieeeee....*


*mr organiser caught in action playing swing*


*abit too early for training rite? Beijing 08 just over*


*cute lil baby Matthew*


*everybody say CHEEERRRRRSS*

After our group photo, we left for PJ' famous Raju Banana Leaf Rice before heading to our respective homes.