Saturday, November 22, 2008

Orange or Red Tomatoes?

.251008. SIBKL YA Camp @ Kajang Country Heights Villa Pt 2

Last month, I went for a 3 days 2 nights church camp. I've updated the Pt 1 @ Dream Further and now we are skipping the games because I didn't take any pictures then. Well, we enjoyed the games very much though with our respective team named after Malaysian local foods. My team was "ROJAK" of course.

The food there is not bad though especially the soup, it's very nice! After games, it was dinner and after dinner was sharing session by Ps Victor Wong. Right after that, my sister suggested Kajang's Sate and zzzooooommmmmm we go!! 3 cars!! (excluding other camp attendees that we met there)


*like i said before, it's a real nice getaway spot*


*peep peep... it's vege!! where's the meat!! =D*


*salads were good!! =D very fresh!! greeeenissh!!*


*are tomatoes red or orange in colour??*


*let's feast!! simple dishes but well cooked*


*shot this while i jalan jalan myself after dinner*


*still looking for the best sate shop in Kajang... *


*hint... hint... FEAR FACTOR!!*

Games the next day were pretty much more exciting and interesting!! =D