Thursday, November 20, 2008

Seafood Dinner

.181108. Seafood Dinner @ Telok Gong

2 days ago, few of us went to Telok Gong for seafood and I'm pretty sure that most of us heard of "Coconut Flower Restaurant" when we mentioned seafood in Telok Gong, if some of us have not been there before. The last time I went was I think about a year ago already.

Thanks to "those" who stay in USJ and didn't know the way to Telok Gong, our dinner was pretty much delayed by 1 hour!! Summit USJ's jam is really vey terrible!! It took almost 30 minutes for Carol just to make a U-turn which is just about 300metres away...

Anyway, thank God, all us survived through our hunger and reached Telok Gong at about 9.00pm. I think we ordered like 12 dishes for 11 person; to me, it was a bit too much!! haha.. All of us had a great time there though laughing through the dinner. Of course, with the presence of camho queen, Karena and funny face king WaiSeng, you are bound to stuck with plenty of laughing through the night!!

Here's what we ate though that night... Bon appetite!


*coconut flower restaurant @ telok gong (exit after Banting)*


*this place will be full house on weekends*


*first dish, kam heong lala*


*seafood all time favourite o chien*


*this one nice!! a lil spicy for those who can't take hot*


*didnt get to taste much of this though*


*i think we only enjoy the sauce with mini buns.. LOL*


*dish of the night!!! i think fish is always the best*


*yummy!! the taste is good but the crab abit too small*


*additional dish that only lasted for 1 minute the moment it reached our table*


*by the time this one came... everyone already given up except ren and waiseng*


*group photo taken by the waiter there!!*

Next outing will be....