Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Atone Christmas Dinner

.141208. Atone Christmas Dinner @ Euro Deli, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng

Last Sunday, my church's worship ministry had an early Christmas celebration at Euro Deli. It was certainly a cozy restaurant to celebrate Christmas especially and the food there was delicious too!! Euro Deli is famous for their sausages and their other western dishes is also good!! After that night, my sister has decided to treat my family for a Christmas dinner on the 26th of December!! Yeahoooo~ More sausages for me! =D

And so, last Sunday I was the official photographer for the party and we reached there at about 5.30pm to prepare the table gifts and also setting up of the PA systems. The team really put up alot of effort even weeks before the dinner to ensure everyone enjoy the best out of it... *applause* to the "Weeks Before Christmas* team!!

Everyone had lots of fun watching teams being pinalised for not submitting their photo entries which cost them a dance in front of everyone =D LOL... All of us had a scrumptious dinner and the pop quiz added excitement for the night!! Party ended after announcing 3 of the most important award of the night which was Ms Ownership (Jin May), Mr Respect (Paul) and Ms Encouragement (Joanna Chin). The weeks before christmas assignments winning group is non other than "The Red Nose Reindeer". Congratulations to all other winners as well and good job again to the organising team members!!

Thinking where to have a good Christmas dinner?? Here you go...


*euro deli restaurant along jalan yap kwan seng*


*cozy ambience for a wonderful dinner experience*


*christmas is also about beautiful lightings and decos*


*simple things that brings special effects*


*even normal glasses can bring out a fantastic effect*


*a christmas party won't be complete without gifts exchange right?*


*famous sausages!! haha. and other western dishes as well*


*this is my 2nd helping already!! LOL*


*got this cute duckie stuffs!! love em*


*applause and good job for the organising team!*

That's all from Atone's Christmas Dinner. Will be continuing my Singapore trip updates soon!! =D Watching Oliver Twist at the moment =p