Friday, December 19, 2008

Pink Dolphin

.081208. Singapore Trip Update #4 @ Sentosa Island

Had a long day yesterday so did not update +D Went for a new club opening (Warehouse) in Jalan P Ramlee and shoot some photos till about 2am. *yawnnnn*

Anyway, here's the continuation of my Singapore trip and let me introduce you to my new favourite in Singapore; McDonalds' Breakfast "Mega McGriddles"!! It's a double meat layer with egg and the burger bun is filled with honey. (Warning!: Some ppl might not like it.. LOL) But for me, it's fantabulous!! Hahaha... They also have it in single meat one.

My 2nd day in Singapore was a day out with some of the blogger who came down from KL as well and we headed to Sentosa Island after a quick lunch in Kim Gary @ Vivo City. I had stone rice though. First time trying it. Thanks to Sandra who know a friend in the Dolphin lagoon, we got to enjoy a fun experience watching the dolphins' performance and also a chance of a lifetime (not) to touch and take photo with them =D Best!! However, the sad part was it was almost raining, drizzling the whole day on our day out in Singapore =( We still had fun anyway...

Here's some photos to share...


*my new love in McD, only in Singapore*


*quick lunch at Kim Gary, Vivo City Shopping Complex*


*three of them*


*three of us*


*the crowd at dolphin lagoon, Sentosa Island*


*dolphins strutting their stuff*


*snapping away!! chik chak~ woohoo*


*vintage (not) group shot of us before leaving*


*something that i never did before, writing on the sand*

More outing updates soon... Anyone in Zouk tonight?? See you there!! =D Am going there to shoot away!! =D