Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Drewnity's 2008 Chronology

.311208. drewnity's 2008 chronology


*momentz of my life in 2008*

2008 has come to an end and just before I usher the new year in, I thought it would be great just to reflect back of all the bits and pieces that I have been through this year, and thank God for all that has happened!! I believe everything does happen for a reason and it takes time before we finally realise the why's behind the what's that has happened.

2008 has been a very eventful year for me and the most significant changes of my life this year has to be me, serving in the worship ministry in SIBKL, attending cell group every Friday in Goshen, started to blog and hanging around in the blogosphere, photography is also an obvious new found talent this year and most importantly, getting closer to God and to being in the right path is what I continue to hope and cling on to.

In this 2008 chronology post entry, I will bring out some of the best activity and event together with some photos to reflect back of all the things I've been through this year and thank God for them. After all, as my blog title explains, it's about momentz of my life...



*photo back then, taken with my 2.0mp handphone camera*

This is the month where I began to join cell group in SIBKL and thank God for placing me in Goshen, where I found the members has been really encouraging to me and helped me to grow alot this year! It also marked the start of my new blog where back then it was What inspired me to blog was the interest in web design and photography that I learned back then when I was working as an internship in a web solution company. By month end, I finally got hold of my new dlsr camera, a Nikon d40! And my photography began then...



*one of the photos I love most!!*


*it's chinese new year!! and thought it would be nice to have such photos*

My passion for photography began to grow as I had my new camera to play with and one of my very first so called "masterpiece" was taken during an outing to Chiling Waterfall in KKB where I shot a photo of a spider!! It's also the month where I started to find interest in collecting coca cola from around there world; simply because it's one of the cheapest form of souvenir we can get from overseas!! =D On the same month, I also first tasted the fun and thrill of water rafting in KKB together with some of my unimates and seriously, I have to think twice now whether to do it again or not if I were to have another plan on that! +D



*one of my very first noobie shoot after the zouk fashion shoot*


*was caught shooting in Zouk during my first fashion shoot*

March is pretty significant as it was then, I made my decision to join the worship ministry in church and attended the audition and interview. Praise the Lord for passing me!! =D It was also the time when I first got a chance to experience my first ever "photoshoot" when I was invited by my sifu to shoot for a fashion show in Zouk KL organised by Nottingham University. Apart from that, I also began to do alot of shooting for self improvement!! Visiting orphanage in Puchong was also a first time experience in my life then. Lotsa fun!!



*my ferrari model collections for 2008*


*paintball aka PAINball outing @ TT sports*

The month I was officially accepted into the worship ministry and also invited to the Malaysian Dreamgirls Season 1 Finale @ One Utama. Apparently, I am chosen as one of the official blog contributor for Season 2 beginning in 2009 and both occasion, credits to Nuffnang!! During this time, my church and cell also kicked start the Cat & Dog Theology which was very good!! Had lotsa outings and trips like paintball and hiking!



*taken on my flight to Kota Kinabalu*


*signing my name in front of MMU lightbox using handphone light*

One of the most eventful month of the year!! It's the month where Man Utd beat Chelsea in a super dramatic final of the EUFA Champions League in Moscow!! I attended Hillsong United's concert too with the ticket no 0001 @ Glad Tidings PJ. It's also the month where I had the most photoshoot with my unimates in Cyberjaya, Putrajaya and Malacca!! It was also in May when I first attended a bloggers gathering with the KSCB gang in Kelana Jaya's Talipon Steamboat Restaurant!! I had another fashion shoot in One Utama the same month and the most significant experience during this time of my life was when a few of us flew to Kota Kinabalu for a 5 days 4 nights trip to conquer Mount Kinabalu and had fun in the sandy beaches with crystal clear waters!!



*been there!! done that!! conquering Mount Kinabalu!!*


*beautiful sandy beaches with crystal clear waters @ sabah*

I love June!! As in the month of June coz it's my birthday month of course!! =) And I'm still in Kota Kinabalu then... LOL =D More bloggers gathering, more photoshoot and more blogging!! It never ended!! It's the time of my life where I began to know more people and improving my photography skills. =P



*photoshoot @ malacca with mmu brothers*


*hennessy artistry @ mont kiara indoor arena*

It's the month where I started my real full time job in Pico and it was also the time when I realise that sleep is very important! Haha... I was also invited once again by Nuffnang, specifically Robb, to the practise session of Chelsea's training just before they take on our national squad!! More and more photoshoots and Henessy Artistry was happening then as well!



*myfm shoot then with KY, Alice and Lorna*

One of the most significant transition of my blog when I changed my domain to from on 08/08/08. But I am still hosting it through Will only decide to get a hosting sometime later!!=D PC Fair II was happening then where I was part of the official contractor and Passion World Tour was also happening then which I missed the chance of going which I eventually make up for it in October. The month of Beijing Olympics when we almost got the chance to clinch our first nation's gold, only to be shattered into pieces by LinDan without any mercy... Attended MYFM 10th Anniversary @ Genting's Arena of Stars as one of the media photographer!!



*photo taken during my yacamp in kajang country heights*

*something that i first started in putrajaya shoot with "random lights art"*


*photoshoot @ putrajaya with sandra, waiseng, karena and logicyuan*

More movie screenings and blogger gatherings as usual and the most happening thing this month was attending a Worship Retreat to Malacca with all the team members!! It was a super fun and cozy trip being close again to the nature!! It was a great weekend getaway from work though! Had a few company dinners and celebrations as well with colleagues.



*photo taken in hong kong's lui yan kai @ wong kok*


*all my beloved cell members during cell multiplication night*

One of the very funtastic month of course as I resigned from my work in Pico after 3 months when I realise it's slowly eating up my weekend time and commitment in church. Anyway, it was also one of the best time of the year when I flew to Hong Kong with my sister to attend the Passion World Tour Conference that I missed back then in August!! For the first time, I went to Disneyland!! =D Another added blessing was it was our cell multiplication as well and praise God for that!! I was heavy hearted but all of us knew it was neccessary =D Our church had YA Camp @ Kajang Country Heights and I had my first food sampling/review invitation the same month! =D



*fishing trip with dad at kelong @ Johor*


*photo taken during photoshoot @ mandarin oriental, GE 100th anniversary*

More food reviews this month and more outings which led to more photoshoots!! Seriously, I'm owing people to much photos liao!! hahaha... =D I think it was in November that all of the sudden we were struck with char siew fever!! LOL +D Was also given the opportunity to bless Seng Khuay and Jane's wedding @ Sime Darby Convention! Went to Kelong You @ Johor for a fishing trip with my dad!!



*christmas season of the year!!*

*singapore christmas trip*


*first time hosting a bloggers/shouters gathering @ home*


*another favourite photo of the year, taken by osbert*

I believe it's like the best time of the year where holiday and festive seasons surround us with joy and fun!! Was in Singapore with my grandma to visit my sister and hang around with a few bloggers and get mesmerised with the night lights and Christmas deco across the street of Orchard Road and Clarke Quay. Enjoyed the most anticipated worship duty on Christmas Day itself and love the first ever Christmas production movie by SIBKL this year entitled The Shoebox Tale!! Praise God for all the 200+ salvations and redidication we had!! Chosen to be the official blog contributor for Malaysian Dreamgirls Season 2 and for the first time ever, I worship led and emcee my cell member's wedding dinner reception @ Sierramas West Clubhouse!! Enjoyed a whole new experience of Christmas eve in Osbert's residence with a few other worship team members!! I even hosted ShoutOut Year End Gathering this year in my house!!

I believe my chronology is not even half what what had happened throughout the year but for everything that has happened, I really thank God for them and I know that He has a bigger plan and purpose for me in the days to come!! This year has been great in one way or another and I'll be looking forward to 2009 where I will see change in my life tremendously for sure!! Many catching up to do, new phase in life, more responsibilities, new working environment, planning, church commitments, family relationship, friendship, brother and sisterhood, self improvement and development, financial stability, and above all that, walk with God and increasing my own faith capacity is ultimately the most important goal in 2009 and beyond!! =D


*new header design for a new year!!*

Looking forward to a great year ahead and stay tuned for a whole new header design to usher 2009 in!!