Saturday, December 6, 2008

KL Street Shoot

.051208. Photoshoot @ KL Streets

As mentioned, I was with CincauHangus and Stephanie yesterday for a street photoshoot in KL town, mainly petaling street and we walked around town area, from puduraya to Masjid Jamek and then to Pasar Seni. It was quite a fun outing and shooting away though but there's so much more to learn from him =D


Anyway, we started off having lunch at famous lorong in Petaling Street. I wanted to eat the famous yummilicious pan mee which never open, so, I have to settle with Hakka mee. Cincau had ja jeong mee while Steph had wan tan mee. Right after our yummy meal, we started our walk which lasted a good 3.5 hours. Something I learned from Cincau was, SHOOT WHATEVER YOU FEEL LIKE SHOOTING!! *thanks for lifting up my confidence level*

I was particularly pai seh when I want to shoot people, just afraid that they might get annoyed if I'm too obvious. Owh well, time to get a little braver =P I prefer still shots though.. Haha.. Can slow take all the time I have in the world to shoot em...

Anyways, here's a little something of what I got yesterday. Nothing spectacular though but just some random shots...


*street shoot is pretty fun! =D*


*ja jeong mee at petaling street lane*


*yummy!! but i still like pan mee, the best!!*


*wierd... i wonder what kind of business is this.. LOL*


*reflecting the brokeness in our life and in our midst*


*life is full of scars, scratches and wounds... we need healing*


*seriously, I don't get what it means.. LOL*


*more to come...*

Will be having 2 Christmas party today!! Yeay!! One in the afternoon and one at night!! =D Wishing all a early blessed Christmas!! Life is always full of surprises... Let's see what we'll get today!! =) Have a good weekend ahead!!