Friday, December 5, 2008

Coconut Flower

.051208. Family Lunch @ Telok Gong

Yesterday, I went to Telok Gong's Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant for lunch with my family. My aunt just came back from Hong Kong, so we thought of bringing her to that place to try some seafood!! =D really cheap...

Here's the menu...


*Coconut Flower is the name of the restaurant you must come in Telok Gong*


*ehhhh???? not seafood meh?? LOL got chicken geh?? abit salty if eat without rice*


*favourite dish!! but so so only the taste*


*this one nice!! got put abit of alchohol to stir the taste out*


*mantis prawn is still best eaten with kung pou style*


*sedap!! =D*

Today, I went for a street photoshoot with Aaron the cincauhangus and also Stephanie. Thanks Aaron for planning though and we had quite a productive day out. There are so much to shoot out there!! So much to learn and so fun!! =D Looking forward to the next street shoot already.. Anyone?? =D


*timing just nice where they bird flew past!! hehe*

More photos coming up soon. Looking forward to my cell's Christmas Party tomorrow!! WOhoooo~ Christmas!! Christmas!! Ho ho ho!!~