Monday, December 22, 2008

Spin Mr DJ

.221208. Club Shots Updates @ Warehouse + Zouk

Just got home not long from Christmas practise in church and I'm pretty tired though. Couldn't make it for yum cha tonight coz it was abit late already. Anyway, will be going for famous Nasi Lemak with Ren tomorrow if my practise does not end that late then.

As mentioned earlier I was in Warehouse softlaunch and some event in Zouk last week and here are some updates... =D It was sort of my first time snapping away in a club and not too bad though for a noob like me but there's alot more to improve =(

Here's some photos...


*181208 marked the nu-breed of warehouse club in town*


*a hired entertainer dressed in white with a long legged stick*


*get ready for some photo board shoots*


*the girl who gave her sweetest smile, name unrevealed =P*


*barsonic clubbing experience*


*where brotherhood does matters sometimes*


*another random lights art from me*


*let's move to another event in velvet also at zoukKL*


*friendship can also be found here*


*DJ heats up the crowd*

Christmas is just 3 days away!! HO HO HO!! Merry Christmas to all!! =D Going for famous Nasi Lemak tomorrow after my Christmas practise!! Anyone interested?? LOL yummmy!!