Sunday, December 21, 2008

Shout Out Year End Gathering

.201208. ShoutOut Year End Gathering @ drewnity's home

Today I attended my church's first ever Christmas movie production entitled Shoe Box Tale. It was based on a true story and I was truly blessed to have both heard of the testimony as well as watching the movie that based on the true life experience in our community. *applause* to the entire production team and crew of SBT!! A job well done I must say!! =)

Yesterday, ShoutOut had its second Year End Gathering and this time was in my house. The organisers, namely, Satkuru, Saewei, Jess, Steven and Nath certainly did a wonderful job to put all things together. As for me, I just opened my home and did a simple hosting =D Thanks Lasker and Elise for coming all the way from Penang to join us and appreciated the organising team with Dome vouchers. There were about 30 of us last night including Pippo and friends who came only about 11+ =D

As usual, a gathering for bloggers and shouters like us will never be in short of flashing their cameras and making lotsa noises... and even screams... +D Well, I suppose and hope everyone enjoyed themselves and had a fun time with some light dinner, games, snacks and chats!! We were also not short of group photos as well and I think I have more than 50 shots only on group photo!! Thanks Sandra for helping us snap it away and being so ever patient with us as we took our time to pose.. LOL =D

Some of us left about 12+ and SOYEG only came to an end at about 1am ++ after a few rounds of lame jokes and IQ questions!! That's all from SOYEG 08' and we'll look forward to SOYEG 09 next year!! *cheerios*

Here's some photos...


*here're those who attended SOYEG 08*


*some light dinner to fill up our drumming tummy*


*we had charade and police killer games*


*group 1 led by Lasker himself*


*group 2 led waiseng aka mickey phoon!!*


*group 3 led by william the bising one*


*good job game masters aka organisers!*


*thanks lasker for your appreciation*


*this is only 1 of the >50 shots we took*

It has been a busy week for me last and this week is just as crazy preparing for Christmas!! Yeay!! =D