Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This Is Daidomon

.281108. Food Review @ Daidomon Authentic Japanese Yakiniku Pt 2

As promised, here's a sneak peak of Daidomon's interior that guarantee you a pretty cool ambience and comfort while enjoying the authentic Japanese Yakiniku. As mentioned yesterday, it's huge space of over 7,200 sqft will allow its customers to organise corporate dinners, birthday parties and other gatherings. Besides, Daidomon also offers a variety of dining packages that suits your own likings and preferences as they are very flexible with their custom menu.

I'm already planning a birthday dinner for my dear friend somewhere this month!! Why not you?? Hehehe...


*daidomon located at level 3 of Great Eastern Mall along Jalan Ampang*


*this is the interior design of their bar counter.. nice kan?*


*just look at the walking space you have!! just so comfortable*


*example of vip rooms, some are linked. that's the jap-technology bbq table*


*collections of empty sake on a nice rack that create the ambience*


*thanks host and of course Mr Stanley Yeoh for his warm hospitality*


*biqiu the writer from cittabella, and the rest of the bloggers. the star and klue was there too*


*chef Dino who has 30 years experience in JAPANESE CUISINE!!*

I just got home from another food hunting dinner with May from foodylicious!! Had famous beef noodle at Peel Road and also famous chinese nasi lemak at Hang Tuah!! Pix soon!! =D And last Saturday, I had photoshoot in Mandarin Oriental for Great Eastern's centennial dinner with a few other photographers. Pix soon too!! =D

Niteys... =D