Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Beef Noodle vs Nasi Lemak

.021208. Food Hunting @ Jalan Peel + Hang Tuah

I'm not sure if any of you have come across this 2 places for makan but I'm pretty sure if you are staying nearby or if you are a beef noodle hunter, you would have been to Jalan Peel for the yummilicious beef noodle!! Besides, the pork (non-halal) noodle there is also very nice wan!! =D

For nasi lemak freaks, you must try the chinese nasi lemak in Hang Tuah, which open only at night around 9.00pm onwards. People will start q'ing up the moment the auntie starts selling and if you go around 10.00pm, I don't think you'll be able to grab a table.

Yesterday, May and myself went food hunting in these 2 places. Promised her a round of good food which I managed to deliver and not disappoint her. *fuhhh* Luckily... Next round of food hunting will be wan tan mee in Serdang!! Looking for more food hunters to join in the night hunting session!! LOL =D


*warning!! only for beef noodles lovers!! hehehe*


*alternatively you can choose beef balls only*


*this is the night life of Jalan Peel*


*random satay try-out also at Jalan Peel.. ok ok la*


*a must try chinese nasi lemak!! remember to add sambal ya!*


*revealing the undiscovered secrets of chinese nasi lemak*


*drew raven cheewei sandra eugene waiseng*

Oh ya, last Saturday, I was with a bunch of photographers cum bloggers for Great Eastern's Centennial Dinner Photoshoot @ Mandarin Oriental.