Tuesday, January 6, 2009

An Early Gift!!

.060108. Thoughtful Gift from Alice

Just last month, Alice told me about this Shelter Home Desktop Calendar Charity Project and I thought it would be really nice to have one calendar for 2009 and at the same time, make a small donation to them. I told Alice about it and she bought me one calendar. In fact, she said she is going to mail it to me just last Saturday and today I received it already!! It was a gift from her with a small note behind the yellow kitty card saying "Hey Andrew, Thanks for being such a great friend! May God bless you ever more abundantly so that you could continue to bless others. Take care! =) -Alice Teh- Jan 2009". I was so encouraged by the message and thanks Alice!! for the sweet little thoughtful gift!!


*thanks Alice!! It's really thoughtful of you!!*

Gift does really comes from the heart and I always believe that whatever gift, big or small, the most important part of it is the thought that counts!! Thanks sis!!