Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year Eve Birthday + Countdown

.311208. Aaron's 22nd Birthday + Thomas Annual Countdown @ Duta Vista

5 days have gone since the dawn of a brand new year!! 2008 is a year to remember and 2009 is defintely a year of uncertainty to look forward to. I'm sure most of us had different parties and countdowns on the night where town is packed with cars and people. In fact, all the various countdown hotspots like One Utama, Sunway and The Curve was surely filled with sea of humans.

This time round, I had a different experience and it was a home party!! Of course, we were there to celebrate our dear CincauHangus 22nd birthday! Thanks Aaron and Thomas for inviting us to the lovely service apartment in Duta Vista!! I'm sure most of us, if not all, had fun!! I bet Kelz and Mae had the most fun!! LOL *hints - they drank the most i think*

That night, we had lotsa food and drinks, house music and most importantly, we had a few bottles of liquors. Well, at least, those are to boost the excitement and fun for that night. We had some really fun games that night though, drinking games. We started of with the ring of "Domo-kun", game mastered by dear Kel Li!! Our dearest Cincau was already half GG by the 8th card... (Sorry for picking up the last K for you though) hehe.. Then Dillon led us into another super funny and fast game which was "bing-bang-wah" game. I felt very sorry for Kel Li and Mae who kena the most!! At least, the both of you enjoyed the drinks right?? Haha..

When the clock struck 12, all of us had a new year toast and then, back to our drinking games. By 1+, Kel Li, Mae, Aaron, Chung Lern were declared GG'ed!! =P Went off about 2am though. Thanks Joshua for snapping away most of the photos that night though!!

Here's some photos to share...


*home party is better than packing with sea of ppl during countdown?*


*the birthday boy!! on 31st Dec*


*happy 22nd birthday cincauhangus!!*


*nigel wants to pose with the bacardi!!LOL*


*snap snap and away!! look at the camera plsss*


*seriously... i dunno why they are LOL'ing... *


*how blogging can bring friends together!! =)*


*definitely gang maybe bang!! hehe.. we had alot of bangs though!!*


*good friends are hard to find*


*that's mae when's she still half sober..LOL*


*Chung Lern found GG on the sofa, RoyalShortness is there to accompany him*

That's all from my new year's eve home party... Shall be updating on my Singapore and Hong Kong trips... Both, long abandoned photos.. Hehehe... =D