Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Purposeful Blog Ahead

.080109. New Blog for Cell

I was having a chat with Nigel this afternoon and it was a pretty random chat. However, there was something he mentioned that struck my thought. YA Blog. Why Not? =D


*test page of my cell's new blog =D*

I just came home from my Goshen core member's first meeting of the year to discuss about the plan and also review on last year's activities. We had quite a good discussion and thoughts exchange. When I came home, I didn't know why, my mind just prompted me to create a blog for my cell. I came up with a pretty plain template from blogspot, organised everything properly and decide to share it with my members tomorrow. I believe deep down in my heart, hopefully and finger crossed, this new blog will bring a whole new purpose and dimension to both my Goshen cell members in one way or another. It would be an online space where we can share our testimonies as well as to keep the memories of our activities throughout the year and the days to come =) Who knows?? Someone out there would probably be touched deeply in such a way in times of need?? At least, I had that experience before when some of my reader thank me for some thoughtful posts =D
*singapore trip update where i left off*

Owh well, I shall continue my Singapore trip updates where I left off at Sentosa Island probably tomorrow =)