Monday, January 12, 2009

Mom's Birthday

.090109. Happy Birthday to Mom!!

Alright, here's the thing. I've been super packed last weekend Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Had one of the busiest schedule in 3 days. Last Friday was my mom's birthday and I didn't managed to celebrate with her this time round =( But my sis and I did manage to give her a surprised balloon and flower in her office!! (Though she warned us not to waste money buying those stuffs that cannot last) haha.. mom.....


*surprise gift for my mom!!*


*my eldest sis from Singapore made the order for both to be sent to my mom's office*

On Friday afternoon I was my grandma's driver and later that night I had my CLAP Training Part 1 (Cell Leader Advance Program) in church from 8.00pm - 10.30pm. Then I rushed off to my cell leader's house in Aman Suria to officially informed my cell members that I've started a blog for Goshen and the purpose I started it. Right after that, I flew down to KL, not literally, for a photoshooting event in ZOUK KL as there was this invited DJ known as Sister Bliss!!


*this is not pack yet! wait till you see the next update with world no 1 DJ Armin*

My night only ended around 4am when I reached home before I eventually get to sleep at about 5.00am after sending a long winded email to my cell members. The next thing I know is I have to get up in the morning at 8.00am to continue my CLAP Training which begins at 9.30am.

The next day is even more packed..... Read on in my next post!!